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       Until the End

By: Paul Jordan

Oh, Lord of all blessings this world doeth hold, All its treasures of silver and gold; None would I dare compare to thee, Oh! Thy Face I long to see! But have I not seen thee, oh Lord most gracious? Ah yes! When thy word is spoken to us

. And while rejoicing in this grace,Yet how can I compare it to thy face? Ah, the blessing of  prayers which ascend,While on bended knee my heart I rend; Twill no longer be needed in that place, When with thee I speak face to face.

Faith! Surely it is a blessed thing, For it doth me to you quietly bring. But is shall vanish like empty space, When I stand in the presence of thy face! Then there is hope, I surely say, An anchor sure and steadfast,my stay.

But what need anchor,or other grace, When I behold thee face to face! So while I pilgrimage below, My praise to thee shall ever flow, For all blessings of thy grace, Which keep me till we're face to face.

By thy grace I shall be kept, Until thy face I see; But Lord, above all else, Let me find my end in thee!

Respectfully written summer of 1976



Pastor:Paul Jordan


Email: spjordan1941@sbcglobal.net